Friday, August 11, 2006

In the past 24 hours I have received a near criminal amount of birthday wishes, birthday kisses and enough cookies/pie/homemade ice cream to send my personal sadist into shock. So thank you all, I have the coolest friends/readers/lovers/non-biological leather children/employees in the world.

In other news, remember that cool shot I posted of me doing an inversion suspension with Delano? Well he has posted the entire set to his site. I must say that for my first time rigging on camera the images turned out really fantastic. Then again, I think Delano has a certain presence about him when he is in rope. You could wrap the guy in silly string and he would look like grace personified.

I had the honor of being the first male rope top to ever get to put rope on Delano, for this I am very proud. I have said it before, when you make and sell as much rope as I do it is easy to forget what it is you make and why people use it. Tying Delano reminded me of this. This was not about sex or power or performance, but rather a joyful exchange of talent and love of rope. Thanks buddy, looking forward to next time.

You should go check out the shots as well as the rest of his work at this site, delanobound.

Time to dash, tomorrow the mom-in-law arrives, a fellow Leo has a birthday that needs attending to, there are party plans that need finalizing, rope to make and a new tattoo this weekend to be had as well. Much, much to do... but first I think a little more coffee is in order.