Thursday, August 31, 2006

Loaded and out the door

Just enjoying a last bit of coffee with Tambo before departing for Austin. Last time I did this trip, I carried about 200 pound of stock and personal gear with me. This time we shipped out 400 pounds of stock AND I’m still carrying on another 100 pounds of last minute additions. Last time I did this I was also traveling solo. This time I’m bringing someone very special with me.

This, this is going to be an interesting show. I’ll see what I can do about posting updates from the road.

In other news, Tambo and I caught the film “Little Miss Sunshine” last night and found our selves laughing till we cried. A lot has been said about this film, so I won’t bore you with a plot review. Suffice to say that you should just go see it. Now we were not laughing at the characters and the situations they found themselves in. Rather, we found ourselves laughing with them. While I can’t say I’ve been in the exact same situations, the events and characters all felt like they were drawn, in parts, or inspired by our own families and events. Somehow seeing bits of your own family’s dysfunction and being reminded of your own failures felt, very healthy and reassuring.

I think we spent the next hour going, “…remember that time when the engine fell out of our car while we were driving it?” or “what about that Christmas dinner when your dad announced to everyone that he had been abducted by aliens?” and enjoying a good laugh at ourselves.