Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Overheard at the Abbey
We talk about a lot of things when preparing for shows. It helps keep you sane when whipping piles and piles of rope. Recently the topic of pre-play negotiation came up and the question was asked of me.

“So what is, in your experience, the difference between humiliation play and a fear and terror scene?”
“Easy, during a humiliation scene you are thinking. ‘I’ll die if anyone sees me right now’. During a fear and terror scene all you can think is, ‘OH GOD I MIGHT DIE, RIGHT NOW!’”

A note of warning here, whole books can be written on the erotic aspects of pushing that line of fear and transforming it into something erotic. F&T play (as well as humiliation play) is very edgy, potentially hazardous and not for everyone. Please, do your homework before delving into such forms of play.