Monday, August 07, 2006

Random Monday Babbling

First off, thanks to everyone who has offered to help volunteer at the party. Nerdy should be contacting you soon.

My little rope company just seems to keep growing! We need more help. Yep, we have openings for some piece rate workers. This is a great job for folks like stay at home moms or people who want to make a couple extra bucks a week and are good with their hands. We need folks who are local to Seattle, south and west Seattle is ideal, who are reliable and can come to the Abbey 2-3 times a week to pick up and drop off work. Interested parties should e-mail me via this address

My very sweet and cool mother in law is about to come visit. While most folks get into a tizzy and try to de-kink their homes before such a visit, we are pretty lucky in that she sorta expects to see such things and will be disappointed if otherwise. There is still the matter of having a house that looks like a bomb went off in it, Tambo and I working like mad and not having much time to devote to getting the place presentable and a party to plan. So pardon me while I freak out just a wee bit.

Speaking of freaking out, consider this your warning. I turn 36 this week and every year around this time, like clockwork, I seem to always get oddly introspective in the days leading up to the anniversary of my birth. You know, that whole, “so what have I learned this year and what do I want out of the next year?” sort of thing.