Thursday, August 24, 2006

Updates from the trenches...

Damn, we have been going non stop since the party on Saturday! No rest for the wicked as we gear up for the upcoming show in Austin. Hopefully after tomorrow things will slow down a bit here at the Abbey. We will be pre-shipping out over 200 pound of rope, gear and surprises tomorrow. (A word to the wise, come find me EARLY) After that, just a few last dye baths to finish and we will be golden. Yes, one of those dye baths will be a batch of the fabled “Project Blackbird”. Yes, I am bringing it with me to Austin. Yes, you can contact me to pre-order some.

So how about more photos from the party? The amazing and talented Malixe dropped off a CD of images yesterday. Small world story, Malixe has been documenting the local leather scene here in Seattle for years. Before I was ever involved (and knew who he was), we shared studio space at a local photo co-op and one of my favorite photos of his is this one. It would be years later when I would meet, and fall in love with, the model. None other than my secondary partner, Dancer. Funny how life works, no?

Oh you wanted to see more photos? Well here is a shot of the infamous “outfit”. This uniform was based on a Tom of Finland drawing I once saw of a 50’s era motorcycle cop.

The biggest concern I had with the outfit? ”Can I rig in it?

You don’t see a lot of male rope tops decked out in SM fetish wear when they are tying someone up. Too hard to move and frankly too damn warm. Now when I tie, I’m really moving fast and dramatically (I’ve blown the knees out of more levis than I can count due to me suddenly dropping to my knees to make a fast wrap around an ankle or some such thing. Don't even get me started on those damn, cheap PVC pants!) so what I wear needs to be able to stand up to a LOT of stress.

Seeing as how most of this outfit was originally designed for motorcycle patrolmen, it seemed to pass the test with flying colors. Of course the big test will be how well it can hold up to a full day at Folsom.

Oh and if you were not sure, Alex and I are playing on top of a 15ft high cargo container above the party floor.