Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What happend to all my rope? Pt2

Of Alex’s many qualities, I enjoy his sheer conviction to our play. When I first outlined my general idea her a month ago, he set about on a near fanatic gym regimen so that his endurance was up to the task. Kneeling before me, as we do each time before we play, he sits upon the toe of my boot and leans his face into the side of my knee. Reaching a hand down, I palm his small, shaved head in hand and hold it there tightly, reassuring and thanking him for this moment.

And then, then we begin. Ropes pass around her torso and hips. More ropes connect him to the hard point above, a single carbineer hanging from a length of high strength military webbing that runs to the bolts in the ceiling. More ropes encircle her as we pause here and there to exchange words and the occasional swat from Daddy’s belt for past infractions. (One must keep up discipline, save the spoil the boy.) Eventually she is aloft. Suspended face up in what is a mostly comfortable position. Not a hammock mind you, but not unbearable. Just enough to force Alex to work his body, flexing it and sifting in the ropes to shift the pressure and extend the experience longer.

Now come the candles. There are to be 12 of them total, wrapped intricately into the ropes that extend from Alex’s body to the hard point above. Resting his head into a sling, ironically made from the very shirt I cut off her on the first night she bottomed to me, I take the gray hanky from out of my back pocket and cover his face and eyes. I say that it is to protect him from the falling wax; the truth is far more devious actually.

Most folks who have played with candles will tell you, the trick is to light them far away from the body and let the wax fall some distance before it hits the skin. The closer the candle, the hotter the wax. Also, if you keep the candle moving the experience is not nearly as intense. Alex knew that neither of these were really possible and welcomed this as challenge of both her physical and mental endurance.

Lighting two of the highest, farthest away candles met with a surprised shriek. The next two met with anguished cries as the hot wax falls down the rope and onto his exposed skin. Quickly snuffing the flames, I slide my arm under her torso to lift her up and relive some of the pressure on her chest. Concerned that this may, in fact, be too much for him to take, I do my best to hide my worry with a concerned yet reassuring, “You ok, kiddo?”
“Yeah, just really scared Daddy”
Knowing that I did have a “plan b” up my sleeve I offer, “We can call this...”
“NO! Please no! I, I’m just scared”
“Ok, then recite the litany with me”
Drawing a deep breath she begins and I follow, “I will not fear, fear is the mind killer…”
Yes, yes we are grand nerds but then again I think most perverts are nerds. However in this case, the prayer from Dune works. As we chant the words together, her breathing becomes more even, body relaxed and she calmly smiles at me. Ready for more.

Of course there will be much, much more screaming to be had. Even these lower temperature candles will generate a great deal of hot wax on a person and can leave marks that will last for some time. I light and un-light them as they burn down, only letting one or two burn at a time in order to help reduce any one part of her getting the brunt of the falling wax. While Alex writhes and howls, it seems like the entire party has stopped to watch. Along one side a large crowd has gathered, mouths agape as they watch the events unfold. I motion to one of the DM's standing in the crowd, time for the grand finish.

See, once coated in wax there would be no way that I could safely untie and lower Alex when this was all done. Rather, working off a recommendation from Diva Midori, I chose a more “theatrical” finish.

Oh you have no idea how badly I want to totally nerd out right now and end this posting with, "The saga of Dune is far from over..." But yes, we will finish this tale later in the week.