Monday, August 21, 2006

Whew, I’m not even going to attempt to write about the party. Nope, the brain is still overwhelmed with images from the night and a thousand little stories keep swirling about in my brain. Once things have settled a bit, then perhaps I’ll commit some to paper.

Needless to day, the 2006 Abbey party was a smashing success.

The last remains of the party have been swept up, rigging trusses disassembled, sound gear returned and visitors shuttled to the airport. Finally we can take a long, much needed sigh of relief and congratulate ourselves on a job well done. I cannot begin to take the credit for pulling this large of an event off; rather it was possible due to the hard work of some great people.

And so, with out further ado a very humble thank you must be given to…

Matt Bramberger, Silver and co for all the hours of pre-prep and mountains of amazing food.
House of Gord and The Thrill Hammer for once again sharing their amazing toys with us.
Tamara the Trapeze Lady, for lending the event a touch of class while making every suspension top in the place stop and stare in abject lust.
Malixe, for helping to document the event.
RopeMarks, for saving us at the last minute with a sound system that cost more than most people’s cars
The small army of volunteer help who choked down dust, served up treats and helped transform our ancient warehouse into the place to be on a Saturday night. (Extra thanks to S who all but lived at the Abbey all weekend)
My awesome and amazing partners, Tambo and Dancer for being… well for being simply fucking awesome, amazing and fantastic hosts.
Last but not least, huge kudos must be given to our pint sized powerhouse Nerdy for keeping track of the endless list of details, wrangling volunteers and always having a fresh cup of coffee on hand for me.

So what do you do after pulling off the kinky social event of the year? Take some time off perhaps? Nope, it’s back to the Abbey for me today. Dancer and I leave for Austin in less than 2 weeks time and there is still a LOT of rope left that needs making.