Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And so we are soon to depart for our annual trek to San Francisco

Today is filled with a million errands and phone calls that need to be made before the actual departure. For those who are interested, we are trucking down again. Unlike a leather convention where I can UPS most of my stock ahead of me, Folsom is just too damn big of an event. Also, at leather conventions you know that there will be things like tables and chairs and power. Such is not the case at Folsom. No, for the near 1000 bucks I spent for booth registration, all I am guaranteed is a 10x20 foot block of pavement for the afternoon. The rest, the rest is all up to me.

Hene the giant rental truck I need to pick up today. Not just any truck, but rather one of those huge, full size, four door, gas guzzling, “Cowboy Cadillac”. Tomorrow at WAY too early in the morning it will depart Seattle loaded down with our full show as well as a very tired group of folks. The drive? No problem, a quick 14 hour jog down I-5. Easy.

See, for whatever reason all the men in my family have been blessed with what we have dubbed “The Driving Gene”. Get us behind the wheel of a car and point us down the highway and we can drive for DAYS. Kinda scary actually.

In other news, I just saw that bondageblog wrote about my afternoon with Violet Blue.

Monk’s got this astonishing energy, one minute he’s checking safety issues, then suddenly he’s like a divine whirlwind of rope. After he gets a couple loops around Violet, she inquires what happens if she struggles. He invites her to try, she does, it doesn’t even slow him down, and before you know it, they are both laughing, he’s still tying, and then she’s suddenly tied and all done struggling.

Who knew that a 30 second clip of me tying would garner such praise? In addition to lots of blog love, that clip has generated a whole pile of new customers as well as some very interesting play offers.

Ahem, some of the ‘demos’ at Folsom might be a bit more than just a mere “demo”…. If you catch my drift. Gonna be quite a show.

Perhaps I should make it a point to post more video clips in the future? I am toying with the idea of adding audio blogging to this journal as another means of documenting the Folsom experience as well.

What say you?