Friday, September 08, 2006

My afternoon with Ms Blue

I know what you are thinking, another day where I bitch and moan about how much work we have to do in order to get ready for Folsom and how hard I’m working right now to make it all happen. Right? Wrong.

Today I had the pleasure of introducing the one and only Ms Violet Blue to the joys of rope bondage. Don’t know who that is? Crawl out from under the rock you have been living under for the past few years, go here and get caught up. We will wait. Done? Ok then, where was I? Oh yeah, now you may recall that we named a color of the month after her a while back. One of the criteria for naming said color was that I would bind her in her own rope. How it came to pass that a woman like her has gone this long with out someone tying her up is beyond me, but hey who am I to complain?

Well it took a couple of months before our hectic schedules meshed, but we both finally managed to be in the same city at the same time with a free afternoon and lots of rope.

I should pause here. Like most of you, the first thing that turned me into a Violet Blue fan would have to be her voice. When that woman talks, all the blood in my body migrates south. Sexy voice aside, her podcast is one of the most popular on I-tunes and is well worth the bandwidth. Let me assure you this, dear reader, she is just as yummy in the flesh as she sounds. More than just a pretty face to go with a pretty voice really, I’m talking charming, witty and full of that spark that makes my canine teeth sharpen ever so slightly.

Again, why this woman does not have line of rope tops waiting outside her door is beyond me.

The afternoon started with a tour of the Abbey and meeting the rest of the gang. Griffin and Nerdy shared their stories of how they came to work for me as well as a few choice embarrassing Monk tales too. History, process and road trip tales now covered, next came the rope.

We started with some simple 101 stuff, like things like why rope is such a versatile toy and why hemp is the best rope for the job. I demonstrated this by using the same 30’ piece of rope to do lots of different ties. From simple hand cuffs to elaborate chest harnesses to a speed harness for take down. Here is a video of she and I wrestling about while I show her said harness. Next up, a full rope corset that she loved. I almost had her convinced to go have coffee with me while wearing it under her clothes, next time perhaps. Hair and face bondage too. Note to self, I must have Tambo teach me her face bondage method, it looks way better than mine, however mine got the general idea across. An interesting aside, as an expressive person, restricting her range of head motion brought about a significant and unexpected response. The normally giggly and bold Violet became quiet and almost shy. Again, interesting note to self for next time.

Wrapping it all up was a partial suspension. After spending several hours in various ties and being generally rolled about the room in a sweaty, giggling ball of naked, she was a bit worn out. So I opted for a hang that, while giving her the experience of suspension bondage, would reduce the pressure on her already tired body. Suspension bondage is tough. While it can be made more comfortable, it is still hard work and requires a lot from the bottom. This being her first time I needed to take it slow and easy.

Seeing as how we just met, I thought it best to not completely destroy her. A boy can’t give it all away in the first date. I’ll save that for round two.

Ms Blue tells her take on the afternoon here.