Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pass me another diet rockstar

We leave for Folsom in just over 7 days. I still need to make something like 2,000 more feet of stock for the show; the goal for this show will be to bring just shy of two miles of finished stock. On top of this, we have orders going out to Australia, France, Belgium, England and South Africa this week.

Thanks to the great kick off that was ARS in Austin, September is shaping up to be one of the most successful months ever. Good thing too, Christmas is just around the corner and we are starting to stockpile for that heaping dose of madness. Oh on top of our usual holiday crush, I’m also going to be vending at Black Rose in December and if I can swing it, The Boston Fetish Flea Market as well.

The key to keeping sane is to stay focused on the next big show and that show is Folsom.

On top of the show it self, that weekend is going to be jam-packed. I’m being interviewed, going to a VIP party at one of my best client’s studios, an art opening, lunch with Midori and her super cool partner Kelly, meeting up with Gray and his loves, a possible round two with Ms. Blue and on and on.

Not to mention rigging in front of 400,000 people at one of the world’s largest leather events.

Stay tuned, gentle reader, this is going to be a very interesting couple of weeks.