Monday, October 30, 2006

10k in 10 days

The Black Rose show is coming up in just over a month. Any readers going? Anyone care to share some info on the event? From what I have heard this is THE big east coast event. Estimates are saying that they will be expecting 2-3000 folks that weekend? Those are some impressive con numbers, extra impressive when you take into count that it happens the weekend after a major holiday.

Aside from booking flights and hotels, I've really not even begun to prep for this one.

In classic Monk fashion, in between trying to shake off the cold and ingest more coffee that most would consider healthy, I'm pondering the inevitable Death March that is to come. Nerdy and I calculate that if we can kick out just shy of 2 miles in the next two weeks, we will be golden. Making 10,000 ft of rope in 10 days is not impossible. Hard, but not impossible.

My coffee is all gone, save a thick resedue on the bottom of the cup, best get to work.