Thursday, October 26, 2006

Letters to Monk


Your instructional videos are excellent. They're simple, direct, personal, and effectively instructive. The establishment shots and close-ups are well intercut and illustrative. I sincerely hope you'll develop and post more of them. Do you plan to make an instructional DVD?

I must say that the response to the instructional clips we posted last week have been huge. (So huge that we needed to move them over to a higher bandwidth server). We are kicking around ideas for 5-6 more clips, but shooting them and meeting our current production deadline (aka “Oh shit, we need to make 12,000 ft of rope in 2 weeks” death march) will be dicey at best. There will be more, I promise just not sure how soon this will happen. As for an instructional DVD? Wow, while I am flattered that you think my teaching skills are so good, I prefer to keep the actual teaching to those much more qualified than I. We will post more clips but there is no “Monk Teaches Bondage” DVD in the works.