Saturday, October 14, 2006

New stuff to lust after!

Oh boy do I have a pile of updates to talk about today. First and foremost would be this month. As you know, we get lots and lots of requests for custom colors. Rather than try to stock them all I make a limited run of one new color every month. When that color is all sold out, it is gone for good.

This month’s color is… Pumpkin. What? Its October, I love Halloween and have a thing for pumpkin baked goods. You expected something else? Mauve perhaps?!
Whle we are on the topic of new rope, I’m very delighted to announce that I finally have my new stock of jute in from Japan. I’ve teamed up with one of the top performance riggers and teachers in Japan, Osada Steve, to bring in his custom spun jute for sale. This jute, dubbed “Osada Steve’s Authentic Shibari Rope” is the rope of choice for many of the top rope artists in the Tokyo scene.

Speaking of Osada Steve’s performance work. Take a look for yourself on one of the 3 DVDs of his live shows that we are also now offering. I’ll post a review and photos on this blog later, but suffice to say that they are pretty damned amazing live shibari performances featuring some gravity defying rope work.

What, you want something more practical? Well we finally finished the first of our “how to” videos and have them online for your viewing pleasure. Tambo and I show you a few simple ties to get you started using your rope. Based on the response from these videos we will see about shooting some more complex ties in the future.

Speaking of complex ties and video, I've recived several requests to post more videos of me rigging and doing "performance" bondage. Hmm, I'll need to think about this a bit more.

Ok time to pull this black off the boil and set the dye, have a great Saturday folks.