Tuesday, October 03, 2006

While driving Tambo to the bus stop today we were remarking at how seemingly overnight the once vibrant green trees that line the road have all turned into an explosion of reds and oranges. Folsom is sort of that marker for us, before the event it we are enjoying the last of the late Seattle summer. Upon our return the switch is made and we are now headlong into fall.

Fortunately I rather like this time of year…

10 things I really enjoy about fall in Seattle. (in no particular order)

1) Pumpkin based baked goods.
2) Getting to wear my faithful, dye stained wool fisherman’s sweater again.
3) Listening to dark, brooding music like Type-O Negative does not draw the same stares as it once did.
4) Seeing new horror movies in the theater. To hell with the summer blockbusters, I want to get the snot scared outta me!
5) 3 of my favorite people all have birthdays soon; yes I have a thing for Scorpios.
6) Thanksgiving. I used to be so-so about this holiday but the last couple have restored my faith in the concept of a drama free holiday.
7) One of my fav local theater companies does their annual HP Lovecraft show. (Tambo and I have tickets for the Friday the 13th performance)
8) Piling more quilts on the bed and snuggling up close on those cold nights.
9) School restarts. Seems like everyone I know is returning to school this fall. Part of me misses that… that part is soon slapped down by the part that does not miss the mountains of homework associated with said activity.
10) The smell of wood smoke in the air.