Monday, October 23, 2006

You just had to be there…

In response to the comment left yesterday:
“Are you going to blog about your scene at the WS last night? It was awesomely awesome.”

There are some scenes that just beg to be blogged, and some that are private affairs that will only exist as a memory between the players involved. Then, then there are those scenes that, while done in public, no amount of blog time would do it justice. So no, I’m not going to even attempt to describe that scene in question.

If you did happen to see Alex and I play at the wetspot last Saturday night, consider yourself lucky, it was a hell of a scene.

What I will say about the event is this. To the wetspot director, staff and event volunteers thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. You guys just bent over backwards to make Alex’s birthday scene something really wonderful. I came to you with what felt like a huge wish list of items I needed in order to deliver the scene and you guys just came through in spades for me.

Seattle is very lucky to have a space like the wetspot. Keep up the great work.