Friday, November 17, 2006

…and now a list of new singles that Monk keeps playing over and over (much to the dismay of everyone around him)

The Who, Fragments
Oh how I want to like this new album. I mean its The Who, for fuck sake. I loved them, Pete Townsend was the influential musical artist of my youth, the voice that gave words to my mute frustration and the savage guitar that embodied all that was pure in rock music, play it hard and fast and don't stop even if your fingers bleed. Rolling Stone loved this album, gave it 4 stars. Me? Not so much, sure if I tilt my head just so and kinda squint my ears it sorta sounds like Babba O’Riley. But just sorta. Best to just put on my 1982 tour shirt and rock out to Whos Next really, really loud.

Placebo, Meds
I guess I’m a latecomer to the whole Placebo thing, but I like what I hear. Need to invest more time in this band.

DJ Shadow, Organ Donor
All manner of music can be heard around the huge building where the Abbey is located. From band practice spaces to former punks turned craftsmen, music seems to just sort of seep through the walls like so much rainwater. When I first heard the opening organ line from this song I honestly felt a chill and just had to obtain it for my own. Following the sound like hound following a scent I wandered from shop to shop, listening for the source, till I could find it and make it mine. I was recently asked to provide a demo for a large party that the building is hosting and I’m thinking about doing something involving this tune, it just begs to be used as part of a suspension bondage show.

Kelly, Shoes
I blame Nerdy for this, really I do. It is all her fault.

Ok, best get my things in order and finish my chores for the day. I'm spending the weekend with Dancer. Funny, after two and a half years I still get a sorta goofy, lopsided smile on my face when I think about getting to spend any period of time with her. Must be a sign.