Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And so today marks the birthday of my lover and secondary partner Dancer - Beautiful, funny, brutally honest, gracious, sexual outlaw, talented writer, fearsome SM top and all around wet dream in thigh high boots. Now what can I say about her that has not yet been said?

How about this? You, dear reader, have no idea what beauty really is.

Like most of you, I was first attracted to her public persona, read her work and admired all she stood for. However, over the two plus years that we have been lovers I have seen something else, seen what lies beyond the tall boots and fierce wit. Seen her, tucked under the covers re-reading a dog-eared old novel before falling asleep. Watched her smile at the simple joy that is her favorite pizza delivered to her door when she was feeling less than spectacular. Stroked her knees as they poked through the holes in her favorite, well-worn jeans while watching politically incorrect cartoons and laughing herself silly. No, it is not until I looked at her while she slept next to me , stripped of all the myth and flash, that then did I being to realize just how amazing and unique she really is.

And so, to my friend, my confidant, my outlaw, my rock star, and my lover I celebrate the day you were born and thank the heavens for everyday I get to share with you.