Thursday, November 16, 2006

Announcing November's Color of the Month

The holidays are historically a time of overindulgence. Too much good food, too many trips to the mall and of course a few too many drinks at the Thanksgiving diner table. I’m pretty sure everyone who has ever sat around a roast turkey with extended family has a horror story to share about some relative who “had a few too many” and passed out in the mashed potatoes, or worse tried to fondle the turkey in an inappropriate manner.

Well we are not sure what Monk had in his Americano when he came up with this color, but we are not ruling out the possibly eggnog. All we know for sure is that when we came into the Abbey on the morning in question, there he was, hunched over a dye kettle mixing colors at random and cackling. When asked what color he was making, his response? “I have no idea, but its gonna kick ass!”

And kick ass it does.

At a loss to name the rich nut-brown rope, we did have lots of ideas. “Kinky Khaki” was a good one. So was “Tryptophan Tan”, in honor of the whole turkey thing. However in the end we just had to settle on “Monk’s Drunken Dye Batch”

As is the case with every color of the month, this is a limited- one time color run. When we run out of this color, the color is gone for good. Don't delay. The color of the month has sold out in less than 48 hours before. I'm giving you, my loyal blog readers, the first chance to get this shade.