Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Calls to the Abbey

Nerdy, my long suffering assistant and all around customer service goddess, and I were in the Abbey getting things assembled for an upcoming event one rainy Saturday afternoon when the phone rang. Now when the phone rings at the Abbey it is usually a good thing. Joking nicknamed, “the money phone”, because when it rings it generally means that someone is either placing an order or upgrading an order. In short, we like it when it rings.

This time was a bit different.

As I continued to load up rope, Nerdy took the call. Here is her side of the conversation.
“, this is Nerdygirl, how may I help you.”
“No, I’m sorry but we don’t pre-announce the color of the month. Keep an eye on Monk’s blog, he usually announces it there first.”
“The wetspot last Saturday night?”
“No, that was not me playing with Monk”
“No, he is my boss. We don’t play.”
“He plays with a lot of people. No, I don’t know who that was.”
“No, no I do not know if she is poly. Again, I don’t know who he was playing with”
“No, I’m sorry I also can’t tell you when he is planning on playing publicly with Alex again.”

Wow, just wow. 99.99% of the calls we get are from wonderful, fantastic customers that we love to hear from. However from time to time we get calls like this and they just make me sort of stare dumbstruck.

First off, I’m lucky to have a forum like this blog where I can write about my life and my experiences that come along with the job. However, the Abbey is where I work. It is my shop and place of business. Calling it looking for personal information about my play life is really inappropriate. Now if I write about something and you ask me a question in the comments or directly I will do my best (when appropriate) to answer as honestly as I can, but calling my shop looking for information about who I play with? Oh that is just tacky and inappropriate.

Secondly Nerdy is my assistant and while I joke that she “reminds me to wear pants”, please don’t assume that she holds the day timer of my personal exploits and will give them out to anyone who happens to call the shop. No, her job is hard enough just keeping your orders error free and wrangling the production queue so they get finished as quick as possible. Please don’t ask her to divulge personal information about her employer.