Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dear Ted,

Ah the political shitstorm that is the Ted Haggard scandal. Today is Election Day and I won’t lie to you, I’m laughing myself silly watching the religious right try and wriggle their way out of this mess. Serves ‘em right, but this is not a political blog. The case and its implications have been discussed elsewhere and by far more politically savvy than I.

Nope, what gets me is the irony of it.

See, I have chosen to construct my life and choose who I love in a very non-traditional fashion. I'll be the first to admit that this life is not for everyone, but in the end it is my choice to make. Some would say that it is a deviant, dangerous choice, a thing best left in the closet and never spoken of. Others really would not mind if only I were not to open about it and unabashedly proud of whom I love and how I choose to show that love. That openness, in the form of this blog, has made a few folks very unhappy with me. I dare say that some have gone so far as to attempt register my name and photo with their local school’s board as a possible “threat to the children”. Yes, I your humble narrator, branded as “monster”.

I wish I were making this part up, but alas this actually happend.

And now cast your gaze upon our dear Ted, the leader of a major religious organization. Followed blindly by millions of well meaning souls, I bet nobody thought of him as a "threat" to their children? Quite the contrary I’m betting. How it must burn to have someone so vocal in his bigotry of homosexuality turn out to be hiding his own sexual deviance and drug abuse.

Funny, the morally “right” consider people like me to be the danger, the threat to the polite society, only to discover time and time again that the ones that are “supposed to” be trusted, their leaders, teachers and priests, end up being the real "monsters" they fight so hard to protect thier loved ones from.

My grandmother used to say, “the ones who sing the loudest in the church choir usually have the most to hide”.