Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have been meaning to do a post where I share some of the thank you notes we have gotten over the last couple of weeks. Several of you have tried rope for the first time recently and sent us notes to say thanks. This, this is very cool. Thank you. We love to hear from out customers and when they contact us and tell us that we are fabulous? Well that is even better.

So a bit of trivia, it hardly ever snows in Seattle. We might get ONE day of snow a year if we are lucky. On this day, the city freaks out, shuts down and the weather reports go something like this, “The state is reporting a class five KILL STORM warning for Puget Sound, citizens are advised to stock up on canned goods and shotgun shells…” Seriously folks, at the first site of snow you would think that you just stepped midstream into zombie movie by the way folks are acting. Anyways, these days are rare and never seem to happen when there is lots and lots to do. That is until I have to get ready to head out to a huge show on the east coast.

This week we have had three, count em, THREE snow days in a row. As I type this the freezing rain has turned slushy and with any luck it will be rain by morning and I’ll make it to the airport in time to catch my flight to DC.

Now what does this have to do with thank you notes from customers you ask? Good question. See, in addition to being a massive pain in the ass, snow days make for working in the Abbey next to impossible. Even on good winter days the place is pretty damn crisp. Drop the temp below freezing and it flat out sucks. In fact yesterday we were so cold that we picked up all the packaging work we could do and relocated to the house to finish packaging show stock, talk about coming full circle.. but I digress.

Today Nerdy and I were making the final load out when the mail came. In it was this. A box of fresh baked cookies and a hand written note from a customer.

The note reads:
”The rumors are wonderfully true- the rope you all craft really IS an orgasm per foot! Not only was my first curiosity kit great (paralleled only by the grin that spread across my boyfriends face when I gave it to him), but you guys are too. The website is informative eye candy and after lusting over rope for months, Nerdy could not have been more helpful when I placed my first nervous phone call. You all provided my lover and I with both a smooth first experience and a delicious product, so here’s something delicious in gratitude: sticky spice cookies.

Thank you from your newest converts,

Maybe it was just me, but I’m pretty sure it got a wee bit warmer in the Abbey after a couple of bites of those cookies. Nerdy and I kicked out the last of the pre-prep for the show and we just signed on a huge new customer that has been trying to pressure us for a deeper discount now for almost a year, finally giving in with a, “I’ve tried everywhere else. Even your competition says you are the best”.

So from a mostly thawed out Monk, thanks. Twistedmonk customers are the best in the world.