Friday, December 15, 2006

Deep Black

If you are watching the news then you probably already have heard about the “great Seattle blackout”. City light is reporting that something like 50% of the city is currently with out power. My neighborhood is one of those. Driving home there were pockets of light, a convenience store here and a building there, but mostly just vast expanses of black. Funny how the city looks when there are no street lights.

Nerdy is also with out power. Most of the motels are booked up with families fleeing the dark and cold restaurants are standing room only as folks try to get in a decent meal. What of us you ask?

We are all bedding down in the Abbey tonight. Up in my loft office it is warm (mostly), we have power, and bandwidth. Funny, for all the complaining I do about how cold and damp the Abbey can be right now this is the warmest, most welcoming place in the world right now.