Friday, December 15, 2006

Send Lawyers Guns and Money

Everyone knows that I am a rampant fan of the zombie movie. Not just for the gore, but also for the social commentary as well. How does humanity respond when that thin veneer we call “Civilization” is peeled away and we are forced to fight for our survival. As with any good zombie film, the key is always location. Where do you stage your last stand? That deserted farmhouse on a hill or a suburban shopping mall? As they say in real estate, location, location, location. Needless to say I’m always looking at places going, “hmm I wonder if this place would make for a good zombie hold out?”

Part of the charm of the Abbey, for me, is that it would actually make for a damn good zombie survival bunker. Thick walls, high fences, redundant water and power feeds, blacksmiths (talk about the weapons you could make!) and even bio diesel fuel depot next door.

Last night there was a wind storm in Seattle. A killer of a storm that has knocked power out for most of the city. This is not good, today is the last big push day for Christmas orders! When I left Dancer’s home this morning and gingerly navigated the blacked streets and downed trees I put a call into Tambo. Yep, the power went out at our house too, same with Nerdy’s. However, they were all at the Abbey safe and warm. The power was on, coffee on to brew and she even brought in a crock pot so we could have some warm soup later.

So, when the zombie invasion comes, make for the Abbey… but bring coffee we are running low.