Monday, January 08, 2007

A 7K Miracle

I leave for Boston in 16 days and I am so not ready. If I can make seven thousand feet of rope in the next five days I might be able to pull this off. This is a big if here folks. The floodgates opened up the day before Christmas and we have been going like mad ever since. I so need to hire more shop help soon. We have more work than 3 full time bodies can keep up with, how is that for mind-boggling?

But let us not think about that just now. I’ve put in my 12 hours for today so I think I can sit back, relax and enjoy a moment of quiet (before I fall the fuck down) But before I do I wanted to share this shot with you.

This is what I did on New Years Eve. Tambo and I are conferring after we both did face bondage on both the women and then I took said bondage and tied their faces together into a kiss. (Sorry, I can’t show you a more detailed shot of the bondage. Must respect their desire for privacy.)

Now the interesting thing about doing bondage on two people, as opposed to a one on one scene. Doing bondage on a couple is less about the interplay between you and those in the rope, rather it is more about their interaction with each other. The rope is more a medium, a conduit that interconnects the desires of the two bodies into one. As a top, I feel less like I am exchanging my desire with them and more like I am a facilitator. No that is the wrong word, no more like I am conductor? Still the wrong word, but my brain is too fried to come up with a good analogy right now, suffice to say that in the end the mark of a good scene is not them wanting to take me home, but rather the two of them, lost in their desire, forgetting that I am even in the room.