Wednesday, January 24, 2007

As if you needed another reason to come directly to see us upon entering the Boston Fetish Flea this weekend

Feast your eyes upon this little lovely. This, dear readers, is a piece of my ultra premium “Bavarian Blonde” rope… in crimson. Due to the cost and small harvests of this rope, I only offer it in its natural, golden brown color. That is until now. We did a crimson run of some and it looks and feels amazing. I’m bringing a very (and I mean VERY) limited quantity of this with me to the show in Boston.

In other Boston news, we are less than 24 hours till departure and fuck if I don’t have a pile of things left to do! So who am I going to see in Boston anyways? I’m counting on some old friends to be there and looking forward to hopefully making some new ones as well.