Friday, January 12, 2007

The quotable Monk

Said to Nerdy
“The thing to remember when cock slapping someone is follow through. It starts with the chin and is finished in the shoulders, rely too much on just the hips and you will blow something out.”

When offering to rescue a snowed in love.
“I’ve got a 4 wheel drive vehicle and an overdeveloped sense of chivalry, don’t fuck with me.”

Said while looking at a fairly under whelming resume.
“A monkey fucking a football could do this job, the question is can they do it well enough so that the football will make them breakfast afterwards?”

Now please pardon me while I get my geek on. See, I have said before that I have a thing for architecture and found this via boing-boing. A photo essay of soviet era bus shelters. For a nation that took bleak and stark architecture to an art form, they really made some cool bus strucures, often times in the middle of nowhere.