Friday, January 05, 2007

So lets change topics and talk about something new, rope bondage. What’s that you say? I always talk about rope bondage? Well yes, but rather than talk about me tormenting others with rope let us turn our attention to the Monk getting tormented with rope. Namely cbt (that would be “cock and ball torture” for those of you following along at home)

Let me start out by saying that I do not identify as a bottom, submissive or really as much of a masochist. Nope, even calling me a “switch” would be a stretch, yes I do bottom on occasion but it is pretty rare. I do however enjoy a few intense physical sensations, applied by the loving and deviant hands of my partner Dancer (again, for those of you playing the home game. This is the only person I bottom to). One of these “activities” would be having my boy bits tied up.

Yes, I’m a pervert. But you knew that already, why else would you be here?

So it should not come as much of a surprise then to know that this weekend I will be Dancer’s “stunt cock” as she teaches CBT bondage as part of Max’s upcoming monthly bondage class. Yep, I’m gonna be mostly naked, getting my hardware tied up by one of the sexiest women alive on Sunday. If that is not reason enough to want to check the class out, then keep reading. (For the rest of you, Sunday 2:30Pm at the Wetspot in Seattle)

In addition to rope CBT taught by the notorious Mistress Matisse, Max will be teaching hair and bondage for girl bits. If this is not enough, then you must see my beloved Tambo teach face bondage.

For those who have not experienced facial bondage, you are in for a treat.

The act of putting rope on a person’s head is a deceptively powerful act. Most folks react by slipping into a deeply relaxed state, we are talking almost hypnotic for some, and with just a few feet of hemp you can render an otherwise animated person into a mellow puddle of happy. Amazing, amazing stuff and Tambo is, bar none, one of the best practitioners of this style of bondage that I have ever seen. And no, I am not being bias.

(Tambo will be using my sweet Alex as her demo head. Again for those of you following along at home, I’m getting my cock tied up by my secondary partner at a class taught by her primary while my primary partner also teaches a segment using my submissive as her demo bottom. How is that for some poly?)

So come out on Sunday and learn some new rope skills, see my bits get tied up and meet some new folks.