Monday, January 01, 2007

This morning I sent Matisse (aka Dancer) an email titled, “ouch my brain hurts…”

That is about the shape of how I’m feeling now, almost 24 hours after her and Max’s New Years party. Now I should be writing about the event. Telling tales of the evening’s comings and goings, the charming and sexy people and of course the play. Oh man, was there play.

“So do a scene where I tie up the hot lesbian couple (who NEVER let men put rope on them, but want me to do it) or tie the hot sisters together (who just asked me while both were wearing matching g-strings and bras)?”

Yes, I actually said this. I have witnesses.

Now until the fog in my brain clears and I can locate the remainder of my vocabulary. I seem to have misplaced it along with a ball gag, my gray hanky and many brain cells last night, enjoy this.

A random reader just sent me more photos from Folsom. First off, a shot of me doing bad things to my little Alex on a SF street. Note the shit-eating grin we both are sporting. We just hate to do this sort of thing.
(yes, I am doing hair bondage with Alex's very minimal hair. More on that tomorrow)

Next up, a shot from everyone’s favorite part of the day. By everyone I mean the leering crowds that surged like an incoming tide as soon as this pretty young thing got up on the truss.

What, you want more? Well seeing as how I have been a bit lax in my updates as of recent, here is a VERY not work safe shot from the same scene. Warning, this is way not work safe and no, I’m not doing what it looks like I am doing.

As for tales from last night? Well that, dear reader, will come. I’m waiting on some photos and for the ok to write about certain bits. All I will say now is a huge thank you to Matisse and Max for opening up their home and hosting such an amazing event. This is just one of many great nights I have spent in their home, thank you.