Saturday, January 20, 2007

TwistedMonk.Com Exotic Japanese Jute is now 40% off!

We just secured a new harvest of our exclusive Jute from Japan and are passing the savings on to our customers. Here is your chance to get your hands on some of the best rope to come out of Asia for as low as .75 a foot!

This sale also includes our excusive Osada Steve Authentic Shibari Rope as well!

TwistedMonk.Com’s New Color of the Month on Sale too!

It would be impossible to stock all the unique colors that folks ask for on a regular basis. So instead we now offer a new and unique color every month.

We are long overdue getting this month’s color ready. Between snow storms, holiday recovery and show prep you have all waited so patently. So to say thank you for your patience this month’s color is on sale. Here it is, a deep, dark purple with violet highlights that I’m calling; “Electric Bugaloo”

Yes, it is on sale too! 25% off our already low price.

In addition to being lovely color, this color also utilizes our 100% animal free, vegan-conditioning process. After months of research, testing, and customer feedback we have moved away from animal based oils in the finishing of our rope in favor of an allergen-free oil that brings out more of the rope’s natural smell and softness. Did we mention that the raw rope we use is also organically grown and fair trade as well?

This is a limited, one time color run. Once the color has been sold out, it is sold out for good.

Last but not least, 2006 Unisex Merit Badge T-shirts on sale!

We need to make room for our 2007 shirts so we are blowing out our remaining stock of 2006
. These shirts feature our famous company logo, Abigail over the left breast and our company motto, “trust me, I have a merit badge in this” across the back.