Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome to Boston, what we are about to do is technically against the law

My watch tells me that it is about half past 7 Friday night. With the time difference, travel lag and general lack of sleep my body is not sure what time it is. Not a good sign for the first day of an event, but thankfully most of our chores are done and we are free to chill before the madness really kicks in tomorrow. (most of our chores, but not all)

So I suppose I should tell you about the location. I’m sitting here in the lobby of a massive hotel on a hill sprawled out on a couch in front of a fireplace that, with enough wood, could be used to roast a whole cow. Alex is sitting on the floor next to me doing homework, taking a test for his human sexuality class ironically enough. Can I just say again how damn big this place is? I’m pretty sure this place could double as the hotel from the Shining. In fact I’m waiting for a little kid to come riding by on a red tricycle at any moment. Knowing this crowd, the “kid” would in fact be an overweight middle-aged man in pair of latex bib overalls.

Yes, the event attendees have started to arrive, in droves.

When I heard that this event was big, I had no idea. The host hotel where we are staying
Hosts 800 plus rooms. It is sold out, along with 4 other overflow hotels in the area. The place is awash with conspicuous fetish wear and polished leather. I can see Midori and company dining in the restaurant across the way from me. Already folks are queuing up to pay her respects. She is, as always, gracious and friendly to their well whishes, but damn can’t folks at least let her eat dinner in peace?

I should mention the weather. Sweet baby jesus on a pogo stick is it cold. Like ouch, my balls just froze to the side of my leg cold!

I see that Alex is just finishing up his homework and my boots need polishing before we venture out into the cold, cold night for a bit of adventure (more on that when I get back to Seattle, can’t talk about it yet). Tomorrow three thousand people will descend upon this lobby. Wish us luck.

PS to Nerdy, yes Alex and I are eating. No I have not had any diet rockstar… yet.