Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dark Chest of Wonders

I’m always sort of embarrassed to write about the gifts my customers send me. Most folks would be happy just to have a thriving business with loyal customers, but somehow I got lucky and not only have those but also customers who send me the most amazing gifts as well. Your generosity and goodwill just blows me away some days.

Last week I got something that just knocked my socks off and I simply must share it with you.

This came to the Abbey from a stunning woman named “XK” whom I met recently in Boston. At the Flea she brought us some much enjoyed chipotle spiked chocolates and charmed my socks clean off. Sparks, you ask? Perhaps? Upon my return to Seattle, I was treated to sweet a note asking permission to send along a care package of more chocolates (and other treats if desired).

A week later, this arrived at the Abbey addressed to me.

Amazing no? Check out the back of the box.

The amount of time and creativity that went into the packaging alone floored me. See, I have a bit of a fetish for the gift of time. Being time starved and triple booked, I never seem to have enough time for myself. I really value the gift of time. When someone gives you the gift of his or her time, do not take it for granted. To invest the time and energy into the creating of the box alone was really astounding. What was inside the box you ask? Well, more chocolates for one thing. Along with some of my favorite vices, fresh coffee from a boutique roasting company, hard to find treats and a custom mix CD of music (my other vice). There were a few other items in the box that I, being the gentleman that I am, won’t describe save that made my day brighter (and my trousers a bit tighter).

And so to the sweet and sexy XK, a humble thank you and the promise of a more, shall we say physical showing of my gratitude, should our paths cross again.