Thursday, February 22, 2007

Great, I am *just* bordering on getting sick. Well enough to sleep through the night with out the aid of drugs, but worn down enough to want to do nothing more than just sit here and look at 70's porn.


Need to get better; Matisse and I are really looking forward to getting to spend the weekend together. Been ages since we got an extended block of time together and we are both really aching to enjoy it together.

Thankfully I have nothing pressing to do today, save make a crap load of rope for Max’s upcoming bondage intensive. Oh, if you pre-ordered kits and have not yet gotten your confirmation e-mail. Sorry, we will be sending those out today. If you are waiting till the last minute, dude you are screwed. Nah, we might have ONE kit extra, but you will need to jump on it today.

One final thing.

Did you miss out on your chance to get your hands on our one of a kind rope we made for Midori, LifeLine? Miss the Seattle Bang for the Buck party too? Here is your chance to get a piece of both. As you may know, we made a limited run of our exclusive German 4 strand rope in red and donated the profits to the Aids LifeCycle. The response was so huge that we sold out of said rope in less than 48 hours. Last week at Midori’s annual fundraiser, Bang 4 the Buck, the women of Twisted Monk presented a check to the tune of 1000.00 bucks AND several other prizes that would be raffled off that night. All told, $1500 in cash and prizes donated to a great cause.

Here is the best part, we saved one last thing for all of you who could not make the party. That would be 2 10’ lengths of lifeline rope, a TwistedMonk.Com t-shirt all packaged in a limited edition heart shaped tin. What makes it limited you ask? Perhaps because it was also autographed by Midori too? Only 4 of these were made, Midori took 3 and I am auctioning the 4th off on ebay. ALL the proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Aids LifeCycle too.

Hop on it kids, the auction ends Tuesday