Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kinda quiet here today (and probably tomorrow too)
I have a couple of mad ass busy days in the works and am not feeling all that talkative right now.

I do however have to tell you this, while I am not much for the whole Halmark fueled Valentines Day madness, it does have a specail spot in my heart. See, this also happens to be the aniversary of Tambo and I's first date. It was, pardon me while I shake the dust out of my brain and count on my fingers and toes, 22... no 21 years ago that we spent the afternoon cruising second hand clothing stores together.

Yep, 21 years ago.

Some days I am not sure why she puts up with all my antics, lord knows I would have stuffed me into a wood chipper by now, but she is a far better person than I.