Friday, February 23, 2007

Ok, so I stole this from one of my favorite web comics...

I actually had an almost identical conversation with Alex before taking him to his first ever leather convention, the Boston Fetish Flea. Want to know something really odd? I’ve been to a lot of kink events as of late due to the company and I keep seeing the same guy. Large events, small events, east coast and west coast I see him.

He is a guy in his mid forties to fifties with a build that would best be described as, “I used to play football”. He always wears the same thing too, a French maid’s costume. A pink, tafita one, you know the kind you see sold in novelty shops along the interstate? The kind that guys who have absolutely zero clue as to what is sexy buy for their girlfriends out of the back of magazines like “Big Booty Babes” and “Whoppers”?

Sure, if the guy wants to cross dress, go for it. Who am I to judge, heck I’ve been known to sport a corset and high heels from time to time too, but a pink maid’s uniform? Why not something classy and flattering like a Bob Mackey gown maybe, or even a classic black uniform… but cheap pink?!

All kidding aside, every con I go to, EVERY CON. I see this guy.

Ya think I’m being stalked?