Friday, February 02, 2007

Random Friday Notes:

Today marks the first of three glorious days of vacation for me. Yep, after the huge win in Boston and all the work it took to get there I’m going to reward myself with a few days off. Funny how the idea of a long weekend feels like a vacation after so many 6-7 day work weeks. (Matisse is betting that I will be going into withdrawls by Saturday night) While there is still way more work than ever before to be done at the Abbey, I’ll leave that in the capable hands of Nerdy for the time being.

To the sweet couple who brought us cookies at Boston, Alex wants the recipe for the chocolate caramel cookies. He has become obsessed.

I’m getting e-mails asking what February’s color of the month will be. Tune in Monday morning for the announcement. Don’t be late, this one will go fast.

Max is teaching another one of his fantastic bondage classes this weekend. While I will not be vending, Tambo and I will be attending as tourists. I’m rather looking forward to it.

I have more Boston stories to tell, I promise.

Oh and Happy Birthday Johnny Sunshine :)