Monday, February 12, 2007

What did I do on my weekend? Funny you should ask.

Let me see, my buddy Graydancer came out for the weekend to visit.

I finally got a cage for my office. While it is a bit larger than I would have liked, the price could not be beaten. I inherited it from a friend who was helping a friend who, due to old age and failing health, needed to dismantle his dungeon. So it is actually rather cool, the cage already comes with a colorful history, a history that I’m planning to add to.

I’m also the proud owner of a rotating St. Andrews Cross. Where the hell am I going to put that? Not sure. We are having some new construction done at the Abbey this month so once that is done we should the perfect spot. I’ll post a photo when that happens.

Then there was this little party where I got to be mean to a great guy, C. Now whenever we play it is less of a formal scene and more an opportunity for us to wrestle about, get sweaty and blow off steam. (Lord knows I’ve been a stress ball as of late and needed it, thanks buddy you rock) That and the women all seem to really enjoy it when we play together, not sure why but we always seem to draw a crowd when we get going.

On Sunday we recorded a podcast while sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee and recovering from the previous night’s debauchery.

In other news, thanks to everyone who offered to help distribute propaganda for Shibaricon, expect those care packages to arrive by weeks end.

We still have a TINY bit of lifeline left. Thank you to everyone for stepping up and helping to support this project. We will are giddy with glee that this has been so successful.

Oh and on top of all that I worked my ass off, made lots of rope and possibly found the perfect next employee. You don’t really care about all that, now do you? You just want to see another sweaty photo don’t you?