Monday, February 19, 2007

Wow has this just been an overwhelming weekend! If you were in Seattle this weekend then you probably heard about Midori’s big fundraiser, Bang 4 the Buck. This is a women’s only fundraiser for the Aids Lifecycle that she and her partner Kelly organize every year. This year we were delighted to help sponsor the event and thanks to all of you, donated a really sweet chunk of cash to the cause (as well as some great, one of a kind rope prizes) but seeing as how the party is only open to women, I have no idea how it went. Tambo, Nerdy and the rest of the female TwistedMonk.Com continent are still at said party. I figure they will tell me about it eventually.

If you missed the event too and want get in on the fun, stay tuned, I have one last little something up my sleeve.

Till then, lets talk about bike lust. Yep, I’m jonseing for a new motorcycle. Now as you may know, I have ridden my faithful vintage bike, Boris, for many years. While I love the unique charm and head turning power that is an old Russian bike with sidecar (not to mention the ability to ride said bike 365 days a year, even in snow). Now I am not about to give up my sidecar, but lately I have felt the all to familiar tug of the two wheel variety. That urge to ride fast and lean again. See, you don’t lean a sidecar-equipped motorcycle, you more sort of throw your body weight against it and force it around the corners. Nope, I’m feeling the need to press my knees against the tank and lean through my corners. The question is, what bike to get? I used to think it had to be a big ol’ Harley. You know, the badass leather daddy on a chopper, but in reality that just isn’t me. Besides, I think I am confident in my manhood enough to not require such over compensation. Nope, I’m thinking something British and sleek. Like an old Norton or perhaps something rare and retro like this little pretty from the same guys who build my Boris. Or perhaps an Enfield?

I just realized that all these bikes (including the one I already own) are all non-standard bikes. machines that require a bit more than just gas in the tank to keep on the road and not your standard sort of thing you see every day. Must say something about me, the "standard" just bores the hell out of me.