Tuesday, March 06, 2007

As if I needed another reason to think my wife is amazing…

She would willingly go to see this movie with me. Yes, I have a fetish for strange, art house cinema and Tambo, being the good/ giving/ and game partner that she is, fully encourages this. We trade off as to who gets to pick the movie we go see each week. Last week she drug me, grudgingly, to see Ghost Rider. Much to my chagrin I really enjoyed it. We both laughed so hard at it (at all the wrong places mind you) that we could hardly stand up straight afterwards.
Besides, it had a flaming motorcycle that could ride up walls.

This week, my pick was Tears of the Black Tiger. A one sentence description would go something like this,” This movie is what happens when you grow up gay in Thailand watching US westerns from the 1950’s that were translated by committe all the while doing acid and sitting too close to a TV with a busted tint adjuster”

Normally after seeing art house films I feel slightly smug and better than the usual multi-plex going rabble, but after this I needed to take some asprin, lay down in the dark and wait for the contact high to wear off.

In other news, we have a tiny bit of the limited edition lifeline rope left over. Specifically there are (4) 10ft lengths and (1) 15ft piece left. If you want some, call the abbey today and talk to Nerdy. Of course you need to wait till AFTER 9am PST. Nerdy and I have a breakfast date today at our favorite dive, thank you. (Oh and for those who truly want TMI, I usually go for the huevos rancheros)