Thursday, March 08, 2007

An interesting follow up to yesterday’s ass hook post.

I got a fair number of personal e-mails about the custom hook I posted yesterday. Now I am far too much the gentleman to talk about the more, um shall we say, accommodating responses I received. However I did get one that merits further discussion here.


I read about your hook dilemma and just have to ask. If you are the badass top that you claim to be. Why give them any choice at all?


First and foremost there would be the whole matter of consent? Boundaries are there for a reason. Pushing them is one thing, safely exploring the edges of the taboo can lead to a re-evaluation of said boundaries. Dismissing them and ignoring them all together? That does not make you a “bad ass top”, rather that makes you an unsafe fucktard who, once word gets out, (It will, trust me) you won’t be able to get a blow up doll to bottom to you.

The other, simple. It is way more fun, and oh so much hotter when they ask me nicely to do bad, terrible things to them. Oh and when they say thank you after said evil things have been done?

Oh that is just nine shades of hot in my book.