Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Day Off

Readers of this blog will know that me and leasure time are not on the best of terms. In fact I usually have to refer to it in the more formal, “Mr. Leisure” when addressing it in social situations. Being the owner of a successful bondage company means that you are always working. On average I spend 6 days a week in my shop and when not there I’m usually on my laptop doing something work related. She is a harsh mistress, my Abigail, but I gladly devote all my time to her.

That said I have been trying to set aside one day of the week just for me. I try, I’m not always successful mind you, to take Fridays off from the shop and devote them to less industrious pursuits. Due to the recent madness that the rest of you called February (we called it the month of insane sales) I fell out of my Friday habit, however March started off on the right foot. Curious how the Monk spends his day off?

Wake up.. not sure what the time is. The room that Matisse and I share is a warm, dark cave like place where it is always bedtime. Stumble out, grab some caffeine, and check my laptop. Assured by Nerdy that the shop will function just fine with out me for one day, I close up my laptop and return to our bed, and the warm, naked woman in it.

Sometime around 1pm regain consciousness.

Kiss a still groggy lover goodbye and dash into the day. I made a promise to help a friend of Alex’s with a photo shoot. Simple enough, they wanted shots of the kid’s new haircut for the stylist’s portfolio and some other press. What was supposed to be a simple rope harness turned into an impromptu, all afternoon bondage photo shoot…in a swank Cap Hill salon no less.

Drop the only slightly rope stoned Alex off at his place so he can get ready for his date to violate a delightfully, sweet girl and head downtown.

Meeting Tambo for dinner at one of our favorite spots and then home for an early to bed (but not to sleep, dear reader) evening.

This day off thing might just catch on. Of course Saturday will find me back at the Abbey working on the new color of the month, ratcheting up for Kinkfest and re-visiting the age-old question getting a certain color just right.