Friday, March 23, 2007

Out the door for Kinkfest #4

Just about to dash out the door and head down to Portland for Kinkfest. I must confess that I’m a bit sad at this exact moment. See, Kinkfest was the very first leather con I ever vended at and Tambo has been with me at every one. Due to scheduling conflicts, Tambo will not be with me this weekend. While I always miss her when I travel alone, not having her with me this weekend will be extra tough. Sure, I have done larger shows solo and I will have help from both Matisse and Alex this weekend. See, in addition to being amazing road company and my partner of 20 years, she is also the source of many of my best ideas. We use this event as our test market, the drive home from Portland has historically been the, “so what did we learn?” conversation were we dissect everything we did. From booth design to product offerings to things the other vendors did that we liked, we dissect them all in order to improve our next show.

My constant sounding board, my paladin who keeps my moral compass centered and my best friend. Miss you.