Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Podcast

My loft office is my refuge, my sanctuary. Once just a storage space, the small room that overlooks the production floor is a warm, comfortable space that is all mine. Sprawled out on the woolen carpet, Nerdy, Griffin and I embarked on our first ever pod cast recording. A note about the podcast, rather than attempt to be a “podcast about rope and rope bondage” (no, I’ll leave that to brother Gray. He does it far, far better than I ever could) we wanted to give our customers an insight into life and the inner workings of our home, The Abbey. A sort of behind the scenes sort of thing, coupled that with our inhuman love of all things breakfast related and you get the basis for a good show (I hope), “Breakfast at the Abbey” should be debuting later this week.

In an interesting, “You could not have scripted this if you tried” moment, mid recording our nice UPS man delivered our first shipment of a new exotic rope that we will be debuting at Kinkfest next week. All previous conversation stopped as we, on mic no less, eagerly cracked open the box and examined the new rope. Running it though hands, sniffing and doing test ties on our wrists the flow of the podcast went from silly stories about breakfast foods to the new rope.

I have no idea how well this translated to the recording, my audio tech will be delivering the completed recording later today, but for me it was a powerful reminder of why we work as hard as we do.

For us, even after all this time and success, all about the rope.