Monday, March 12, 2007

Random Scatter

OK, up to my eyeballs in pre-prep for this show in Portland, Kinkfest. While a smaller show, it is always one of my favorites. If I did not live in Seattle, Portland is in the top 5 places where I would choose to live. Due to the overwhelmingly coolness that is the Portland kink community, I always make a point to debut new products at this event.

So who is else going anyways?

Speaking of new stuff, exotic rope junkies I have something you are going to love. Stay tuned, as always blog readers will find out first.

In other new stuff news, you must have really liked that photo of the custom ass hook! My steel guy was flabbergasted when I told him that we had orders for 4 of them and a dozen requests for ones with a smaller ball. Expect a smaller, less intimidating version soon.

In fact he was so impressed by the response that he gave me free reign that if I had any toy ideas that I wanted to see made to have at it. Do I have some ideas? Oh man, I better find me some good test subjects too.

I just saw the proofs for the new 2007 shirts, they are beyond awesome. In fact they are actually made of pure awesome, woven right into the fibers I tell ya. In addition to shirts we have some other cool twistedmonk wear in the pipe as well.

Oh and I think we got the podcast issues worked out too. Expect some audio goodies from your friends at the Abbey next week.

Lastly, saw 300 this weekend. Actually I saw it twice. On Saturday with Tambo and again on Sunday with my leather kids, Nerdy & Alex. Part of the joys of poly is that you often see movies several times in the theater. Matisse and I have a date to see it this week too. My review? In a word, “Abtastic!” I give it four oiled bellybuttons.