Wednesday, April 18, 2007

“isn’t there one damn song that can make me, breakdown and cry.”

Dear Monk,
I read your blog and love it, especially when you write about music. We are roughly the same age and I really identify with the songs you choose to write about. I’m curious however, you write about songs you to play to or work to. What song(s) make you want to cry?

Yours truly,

Music to bawl too? (As opposed to music to ball to, I guess? Yeah, bad joke I know but I had to take it.) Hmm, good question. I’ll confess that while I tend to gravitate towards more aggressive, driven music as opposed to say more introspective songs I do have quite a few tracks from artists like The Magnetic Fields and others. So I’m not all agro-fist pumping rock all the time. Just that is more where my tastes tend to lie.

That said, yeah there are a few songs that can pull a tear from my eye. One of them I just heard on the radio on the way home from an all too short date with my other partner, Matisse. “Starlight” from Muse. While a very up-tempo and amazingly composed song, the chorus gets me every time. That sorrow filled call of “I just wanted to hold, you in my arms…” is so filled with longing. It just seems to grab me, deep.

See, the one aspect of being poly and having multiple, committed relationships is that there is just never enough time. Never enough time to share with the ones you love. Add the small matter of my little rope company demanding a massive amount of my time and attention and I’m always left feeling this lingering guilt that I’m short changing them. Not giving those I love all the time and attention that they deserve. Sure they can tell me this is not the case, but when you love someone, I mean really love someone, there is just never enough hours in the day or enough ways to tell them that you care.

So when I hear the chorus, that sad longing in his voice is my longing, tugging at me. The longing to hold, protect, laugh with, make love to, or just share the same air as they do for just a wee bit longer and knowing that you just can’t … it just kills me everytime.

The only other song that consistently gets me is “Behind Blue Eyes” but The Who.

In other music related news, can anyone help me find 2 songs that I can’t seem to track down via the usual sources? The first one is “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce and the other is “Love Roller Coaster” as covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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