Saturday, April 21, 2007

It was seconds after midnight when I unclipped her wilting form from the suspension ring.

I should have taken my time and untied her from the rigging, extended the already long scene out a bit longer, but it was obvious that exhaustion was beginning to set in, fast. What started out at a “hey your cute, wanna get tied up” play date had turned into a sweaty, dungeon stopping clash of wills. This hyper-flexible gender queer girl took every ounce of sadism and inch of rope I had in my bag and greedily asked for me. Pushing her harder than I think she was ever pushed before, I in turn was pushed as well.

This was to become habit forming.

In a move that was part a show of macho bravado and a preview of what would become a common theme for us, I scoop her tiny frame up in my arms, her face pressed into the spread of my chest, and release the safety lines. Laying her down amongst the piles of rope and the shredded remains of her clothes, I can’t help but be amazed by this girl. More than just a well toned masochist, but rather there was something more about her. Something I could not quite put my finger on at the time, but now after a year I think I got it. She inspired me, more than just inspiring a response in my trousers, no this kid was something special.

Afterwards, as we sat together enjoying a moment of calm amongst the cacophony around us, I stroked her head and asked her what she needed for post care and she said to me. “I don’t really do aftercare, Sir”
“Thats ok,” I respond, “I don’t really do D/s. Say, I need to call a rope supplier in Germany tonight. I can give you a ride home or if you like you can come hang out at my shop while I do it?”
“Will there be coffee?”
“Most definitely”

And that, dear readers, was one year ago today.

Oh my what a strange and wonderful adventure it has been. Happy anniversary to my boy, Alex. While we have a relationship that does not fit into any of the standard “check boxes” and we are hard pressed to define just what it is we have to even ourselves, know this. Your Daddy loves and adores you. I’ve never been prouder of or more protective of another human that I of you.

I see in you the seeds of greatness, and I’m humbled that I can watch them grow.