Friday, April 20, 2007

Monk’s, yet to be named, Hot Pink Rope.

Here it is folks, done and ready for sale. Hot Pink. Pink as in pink like that little Japanese kitty that we can’t mention here due to fears of legal action. It took 4 years to perfect the recipe and it was worth the wait. This new dye process produces a vibrant color with out reducing the rope’s legendary fiber strength.

We do however still need to name the rope. Due to said legal issues, I can't just outright call it "Hello Kitty Pink" and since we have a long history of naming our ropes with catchy names I need to come up with something good. The perverts, or should I say "pro-verts" since they are all paid well, at the Abbey came up with a number of good ideas.

While we don't yet have a name, we do have plenty of rope in stock. So here it is folks, come get it.