Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random Notes on a Thursday

The new hoodies are here and while being extra cool
, perhaps it is not the wisest move to wear one while decked out in knee high Doc Martins and Black BDU pants tucked into said boots. Well at least not when going to the bank. Makes them a bit nervous.

I need to write more about the new hand made silk rope we have in stock. The supply on this is limited, so jump now. I will NOT be taking this rope to Shibaricon.

Personal to BRjr and PS, I got your e-mail but your mail host is rejecting my response. Long story short, thank you! I am humbled and honored. I will have a small hook on hold for you.

Speaking of Shibaricon, the annual pre-sale will be starting soon so keep an eye out for that. Also, I’m trying to work my magic and bring not only all my regular stock, but also 2 brand new, never before seen exotics. Wish me luck and hope that customs does not raises a fuss.

Lastly, I loved all the comments about “you know you are an adult when…” I think the common thread of them all was "you can make fun of yourself”