Friday, April 06, 2007

When it comes to photography, I’m a huge fan of Michele Serchuk’s work. Besides having the gift of making me look like a bad-ass rope top, her gifts lie not in the posing and framing of the shot. Rather, she sits back and lets the image unfold. Capturing the interplay between those in the shot, focusing on their connetion and chemistry. When she photographed Tambo and I last year, she managed to capture the addictive sound of Tambo's laughter and display it as an image. She is one of the few photographers that I have a "any time, any place, any where" agreement with.

After seeing alex and I play recently in Boston she was rather exited to photograph us, calling our play “inspirational”

See alex and I have a unique bond, a dynamic chemistry that is near impossible to explain. If I posted every day for a month on the subject, I don’t think I would quite get it right. In fact, I’ve sat at this keyboard for the last 20 minutes trying to start the next sentence, to try to frame what you are about to see next. Fuck it. Let the photos speak for themselves.

to say our play is "intense" would be an understatment.

my alex, the way he trusts me is like a drug.

To be honest, this one scared me the first time I saw it. The best way to describe this would be, "I'm Daddy, endanger what I love and you will answer to me"

These were just the sample shots, teasers she sent to keep us at bay. If these are the teasers, I’m eagerly waiting to see what else she captured.