Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ever play “dueling ipods”? This is where you try to out wow the other person with your impressive and eclectic collection of music? Tambo and I do this all the time, in fact we rather pride ourselves in trying to find songs that will lodge themselves into the other’s head until they beg us to give them said song. Being far more musically versed than I, she usually wins. I do however get a few good shots in. Like when I took her down with Joan Jett doing an obscure cover of Twisted Sister’s “Were Not Gonna Take It”.

Few can stand up to the coolness that is Joan Jett. The question we had was, who will take her place? She’s part of a generation of rock/punk women who fronted bands, wrote their own music and unapologetically tore up the stage. Jett, Debbie Harry of Blondie, Pat Benitar, Ann and Nancy Wilson, heck even Gwen Stefani to some extent fits the profile…. The question we had was who are their contemporaries now? Seems like there are a lot of pop princesses, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Avril Lavinge but none that seem to fill a black leather jacket the same way that Jett did.

In other news, our much-delayed shipment of 8MM stock hits the shop today! In order to crank out the backlog and get sufficient show stock made, I’m going to need to crank out about 40 hours of work in the next 3 days.

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