Monday, May 07, 2007

I so need to sit down and really write something, but show prep has just got me wiped out. Late suppliers, color batches that don’t quite look right and that nagging feeling of “what else am I forgetting?” all have got me pretty much wrung out. A little over 2 weeks to go and I'm so not ready yet.

I did however get to attend a great bondage class on Sunday
. Otis taught a fantastic class on how to move and manipulate bodies during play. I really enjoy wrestling and takedown play. Up to this point I’ve tended to rely on my size and previous experience as a stunt person to keep my takedown play safe and fun (for both me and my partner) however it was great to learn some new tricks and one “wow that was SO worth the price of admission” trick that is so going to save my back. Big thanks to Otis and his crew for putting on a great class.

Speaking of “rough and tumble”, I also got to tussle with my friend Matt and chat up some very cool leather-men. Or was that get chatted up by? I’m not sure, but either way they now REALLY want to form a focus group and help me develop a rope kit aimed at boys who tie boys.